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(¯`°·. The Fearsome Threesome .·°´¯)

.: Lost Souls Fight Back :.

TenSasu, SasuTema, and TemaTen
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He was the last of a dying clan, they were the strong but overlooked women of their respective villages. Each searching for respect and recognition from those who just didn’t understand, they found solace in each other.

A tamer of the Wind. A hunter of Vengeance. A master of Steel.

- Temari -

Whirl Wind

Birthday: August 23
Village: Sand
Country: Wind
Teammates: Sabaku no Gaara, Kankuro

- Uchiha Sasuke -


Birthday: July 23
Village: Leaf/Sound
Country: Fire/Rice Field
Teammates: Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura/?, ?

- Tenten -

[ Rising Twin Dragons ]

Birthday: March 9
Village: Leaf
Country: Fire
Teammates: Hyuuga Neji, Rock Lee

.: Rules :.

1. No off-topic posts, please. It must relate [in some way, shape or form] to at least one of the three characters [preferably one of the three pairings or the threesome, but I'm not that picky]. We will not hesitate to delete an off topic post [ok I might hesitate a little, but I still won't be happy about it].

2. Promoting is fine, just don't overdo it. If you’re unsure if it’s appropriate to be posted here, just ask one of the Mods first.

3. Introductory posts aren't required, but it‘s always nice to get to know the members.

4. We are to remain respective towards each other. No bashing/flaming of any members of the community. Doing so will only result to an automatic ban [and I'm not happy when I have to ban people].

5. Fanfiction, fanart, icons, etc. should all be put under a LJ-cut. Teasers are fine. Be sure to put warnings for any spoilers that may appear. Formatting for submitting fanfictions and such appear [but not limited to] something like this:

6. This is not a competition between the three pairings or even the threesome. All four preferences are supported here and should be respected no matter which one you belong to.

7. Any questions or concerns you may have, please feel free to ask any of the mods. We will do our best to help in any way we can.

8. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself. It's all about Tenten, Sasuke, and Temari here so spread the love!

Additional rules can be found here

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